List of Medical Degrees

List of Medical Degrees

Well, who won’t want a Doctor degree behind his name? Of course, many of us standing there dreams about it. Not only, we dream we even work harder to fulfil that dream. Don’t we? There is a list of medical degrees that one can pursue.

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The medical field is, all we all know, one of the most dignified fields. Not only in India, but in Abroad too. Doctors have a very respectful place in our society. Furthermore, it is not only the respectable job but also it’s very stable as there will many clients. These are some of the reasons why your father want you to pursue MBBS, most probably?

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These days, many students are asking what are some of the medical courses that one can pursue. Well, let me tell you MBBS is not the first & the last option that’s available, There are lots of option that’s available in the medical field. Yes, you can even pursue a good career in that too! But the question still remains there!

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What are some of the medical degrees one can pursue?

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery are the two professional medical degrees that are awarded after you graduate from a medical school in medicine or surgery. When are read the name, it sounds that these are two different medical degrees, but these are regarded as one thus awarded concurrently. These courses are very renowned in India.

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MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) is a medical course that includes 4.5 years of proper classroom study. It is divided into 3 parts with 3 semesters each. There is a very are many subjects such as biochemistry, dermatology, radiology, surgery, pathology, gynaecology, obstetrics, psychiatry & Ophthalmology. Some subjects like anatomy & preventive medicine are taught in the course of the study period only.

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The medical internship takes place in the last 1.5 years as well. During this internship period, the students work in the clinic, in the departments of the hospital. The education panel conducts some medical entrance exams for taking admission in these medical courses. There are colleges related to the medical field that one should be clear about further choices.

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Below is the list of medical degrees available in India with the duration of the course.

List of Medical Degrees

What is the latest news?

According to the Times of India on 4th July 2018:

CHENNAI: Many of the open category MBBS aspirants entered the govt. multi-speciality hospital. They had a hope of getting admission in a govt. colleges. But, by 1 pm they came out disappointed as the seats in the 22 state run colleges were full. The cutoff, in the open round, was 55 marks for the open category, which was higher than the cut off at the 2017 end admissions.

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