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MBBS Abroad

Mbbs in Abroad in the current scenario would be a great option for a student aspiring to study medicine.As far as looking to Indian medicine status 98% of NEET applicants don’t get the seat in MBBS in India.If talking about study MBBS in Abroad is not at all the priority of any student. However, MBBS in abroad is also a great option since the MBBS fees structure of MCI approved universities is with low-cost MBBS. If talking about Indian students there are about 10k Indian students who get admission to MBBS Abroad every academic year in 12 different countries.

MBBS in Abroad is usually is divided into 3 categories

  1. Tier-A: Usually these colleges admit only at a % level of 70% in PCBE and their quality of education is very good.
  2. Tier-B: Usually these colleges admit only at a % level of 60% in PCBE and their quality of education is reasonably good.
  3. Tier-C: Usually these colleges admit only at a % level of 50% in PCBE and their quality of education is satisfactory.MBBS Abroad

MBBS in Abroad for Indian Students At very low cost

MBBS in abroad for the student aspiring to take admission in an MCI approved university at very low-cost MBBS fee structure has options such as MBBS in Europe/USA can avail it from Rs. 9 lacs to 60 lacs.

Now the Indian students dream of the experience to study MBBS abroad since the quality of the education is very high.

In all countries, the course of language is 100% English medium, except Russia where first 3 years are in English and rest 3 are in Russian. As far as local language is concerned the students slowly adapts whenever he socialise with the locals of that country. Please note 5 years in the country is a lot to learn their language in order to socialise with them.

Aspirants ! now your dream can come true as of now study MBBS in abroad is very affordable, you can now choose universities of your choice with without any extra effort of borrowing money from others. Now it is very affordable for you now to study MBBS Abroad.

MCI (FMGE) Screening Test


Every year nearly 12000 students appear for MCI/FMGE exam, and 3000 students clear it, which is roughly 25%. It is purely upon how much efforts and hard work you have done in last 5 years which will determine whether you will clear it or not. The FMGE exam is an entirely % based exam where if you get more than 50% than you pass it so no one can stop you if you are confident that you have studied medicine properly.

please note– All the universities that are approved by MCI are listed on MCI’s official website, please check it before applying.

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 Admission procedure



Aspirants if you have any concern, queries or suggestion regarding study MBBS abroad feel free to contact our spokesperson any time, we would be very happy to solve your doubts.