Admission for MBBS in KYRGYZSTAN is not easy for each pupil. Because candidate never understands the admission method completely. When a candidate decides to do MBBS, then that time foremost problem they face is that which college or university is desirable for them. Or whether they are not decided to go to private medical college in his country. Or they should take a chance to get enrolled with an abroad university.

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mbbs in Kyrgyzstan

To get enrolled in the private college in India is not an easy task. Because of limited seats, every student doesn’t take admission in the government college in India. so, if any student thinks about to go abroad for MBBS, then MBBS in KYRGYZSTAN is the best choice for him.

Here we give you the actual reason why MBBS in KYRGYZSTAN is the best education destination for students.


  • KYRGYZSTAN is surrounded by Kazakhstan in the north, China in the east, Uzbekistan in the west, Tajikistan in the south.
  • it is stated as the Most peaceful nation around the world.
  • it is famous for Issykul lake.
  • The Inylchek Glacier of Kyrgyzstan is one of the largest glaciers in the world.
  • it has a time zone half an hour ahead of India.
  • currency: 1 SOM= Rs. 1.5
  • it has a continental climate. cold winters, snowfall and warm summer.

mbbs in Kyrgyzstan 2018

Since 1992 Scholars are drawn to Study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan because of its low prices and well-equipped government universities with huge foundation. MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is acknowledged by MCI. Every year more than 3500 students choose Kyrgyzstan for their MBBS study because of its low fee and also low cost of living. Many students who finished MBBS in Kyrgyzstan are now practising in India in various states. Students from Europe, Africa, Asia and comes to Kyrgyzstan for MBBS (MD) because it highly qualifies faculties and advanced techniques.

Intake: MBBS in Kyrgyzstan has generally intake in SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER & Some universities also have JANUARY / FEBRUARY Intake admission is started for 2018


  • Standard education by professional teachers who are doctors in real life.
  • MCI recognized college and universities.
  • students are eligible for FMGE screening test once they attain a degree.
  • MCI coaching classes are conducted during the course of study.
  • Fee from the 2nd year is less than 1.5 lac, 1st year package is around 3.5 lac.
  • English and Hindi speaking faculty are there, to help Indian student.
  • The medium of education is English.
  • students are taught the Russian language to communicate with patients.
  • Indian Mess is available: 3days non-veg, 4 days veg.
  • Separate food for vegetarian.
  • Indian hostel is available: 2 seated and 4 seated rooms with a heater in a winter season.
  • Boys and Girls hostel is separate
  • Gym facility available in a hostel which makes the body healthier and fit
  • Students have 2 months of vacation and can go back to India.
  • Indian usually don’t have the problem with common people there.
  • no Racism
  • precisely there are more than 3000 Indian students.
  • Flights available from Bishkek capital.


1. the candidate should be 17 years or above before 31 December in the year of taking admission.

2. The candidate must have passed the higher secondary examination or the Indian School Certificate Examination which is similar to 10 + 2, comprising of physics, chemistry, and biology. Higher Secondary Examination following a period of 12 years study.

3. The candidate should have secured a least of 50% marks in the 12th std examination.

4. students must clear NEET exam with 50 and 40 percentile for general and reserved category respectively.


  • Acquire invitation letter from the college
  • Fill visa application form
  • Accumulate documents
  • Get your visa photographs rate according to the visa norms
  • Arrange the visa fees
  • Submit Visa application with visa fee
  • Submit Visa application with visa fees
  • Take date from the embassy to move the visa result
  • Collect your student visa from the embassy on the given date
  • Obtain the migration card upon arrival in Kyrgyzstan
  • Finally, register your student visa.

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Kyrgyzstan which universities RECOGNIZED BY MCI?

list of MCI recognised medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan

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mbbs in Kyrgyzstan

list o MCI approved colleges are as follow:

Top medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan

Asian medical Institute

International school of medicine

kyrgyz state medical academy

Jalalabad State Medical University

What is the fee structure for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan?

Asian medical Institute
Tuition fees 1 year USD Tuition fees 1 year INR Living cost of 1 year in USD Living cost of 1 year in INR total cost in USD for 5 years Total cost in INR for 5 years
 3,200  208000  1500  97500  23500  1527500
International school of medicine
Tuition fees 1 year USD Tuition fees 1 year INR Living cost of 1 year in USD Living cost of 1 year in INR total cost in USD for 5 years Total cost in INR for 5 years
 4000  260000  1700  110500  28500  1852500
kyrgyz state medical academy
Tuition fees 1 year USD Tuition fees 1 year INR Living cost of 1 year in USD Living cost of 1 year in INR total cost in USD for 5 years Total cost in INR for 5 years
 4000  260000  1800  117000  29000  1885000
Jalalabad State Medical University
Tuition fees 1 year USD Tuition fees 1 year INR Living cost of 1 year in USD Living cost of 1 year in INR total cost in USD for 5 years Total cost in INR for 5 years
 2870  186550  1600  104000  23000  1452000
Osh State Medical University
Tuition fees 1 year USD Tuition fees 1 year INR Living cost of 1 year in USD Living cost of 1 year in INR total cost in USD for 5 years Total cost in INR for 5 years
 3,000  195000  1600  104000  23000  1495000


  • Basically, the syllabus for mbbs consists of two parts.
  • the first part comprises of basic knowledge and another part consist of higher skill subjects.
  • there are total nine semesters which is completed in 4 and a half year which is approximately 5 years.
  • one year internship is to be done after completion of degree
  • the student who wants to go for MCI screening exam gets an advantage as most of the subject is covered in the course.
  1. part one pre and paramedical:
  •  Anatomy
  • Biochemistry
  • Physiology
  • Pathology
  • Microbiology
  • Pharmacology
  • Forensic medicine
     2. Part 2 clinical subjects:
  • Medicine
  • Dermatology and STD
  • General surgery
  • Radiotherapy
  • Anesthesiology
  • Physiatry
  • Orthopaedic
  • Radio Diagnosis
  • Ophthalmology
  • Otorhinolaryngology

What is the disadvantage of mbbs in Kyrgyzstan?

There are disadvantages but benefits are numerous as India has a lack of MBBS Experts and if you do MBBS from overseas then you are qualified to operate as a Doctor in India subsequent passing MCI Screening Test.

The work visa is not easily issued in many countries. After spending truckloads of money and putting your time and effort, you would want to work back in the same country to earn back at least some of the amount you spent to get the degree. So this shifts excuse to be the prominent obstacle and disadvantage of cramming medicine abroad.

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disadvantages of studying MBBS abroad

mbbs in Kyrgyzstan quora

Why Choose Kyrgyzstan for MBBS Qualification?

Kyrgyzstan is a reliable option for MBBS Degree because colleges implementing MBBS degrees are acknowledged by WHO and also MCI. With a degree from KYRGYZSTAN, you suit eligible for the screening examination that is needed to obtain a job in this field.

What is the Qualification Criteria to study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan?

This question is answered above.

What is the medium of education?

The medium of Education is ENGLISH but pupils have to learn Kyrgyz Languages. it is also helpful in communicating with local people.

When does the academic year start?

Academic Year Starts in the month of September.

Can I practice in India after my study MBBS from the Kyrgyz Republic?

Yes, As per the rule of Medical Council of India (MCI), you can practice in India or you can apply for Government Job or P.G. course in Govt. Medical Colleges in India. After Finish of MBBS from Kyrgyzstan, you have to perform for a “Screening Examination” administered by NBE”, New Delhi. On clearing this test you need to register with the MCI

Do any Indian professors teach there?

Yes, a lot of foreign professors teach there. Many of them are from India, USA, and also Nepal.

What about my food?

 Kyrgyzstan has a similar cuisine like us when it comes to vegetables; All the popular vegetables like potato, brinjal, cauliflower, cabbage, beans, carrots and also cucumber etc. are available.

Similarly egg, fish, chicken, mutton are widely available. Loaf bread, cookies, pastries, ice cream, canned juices are widely available in all the college canteens.

Which Authority to contact, in case Students have any query or Grievances?

Each college has an International Students Department where the students can discuss their queries instantly or also they can contact the Senators of Kyrgyzstan Education Centre in the college.

How Can Parents Send Money to their Children? Can they open bank account there?

The student can take an International debit card, forex card or hard cash (USD) with them. The International Student Department of the university will help students to open their bank account there.

mbbs in Kyrgyzstan is good or bad

Yes, MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is a great choice for Indian students. Especially for those students who are looking for MBBS in abroad at low cost and also still a very good-quality of education.

What is the latest news?

According to Hindustan Times on 17 Feb 2018

Undergraduates attempting to go overseas, usually Russia, China or also Ukraine to study MBBS/BDS courses. Will henceforth have to pass in the NEET.

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