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What is MCI India?

The Medical Council of India (MCI India) is a legal frame for organizing uniform and great standards of medical education in India. The Council awards recognizing of medical qualifications provides accreditation to medical schools. Presents registration to medical practitioners, and observes medical practice in India. The current President of Medical Council of India is Dr Jayshreeben Mehta.

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MCI India


The MCI India was founded in 1934 beneath the Indian Medical Council Act. The main purpose of MCI India building uniform patterns of higher qualifications in medicine and approval of medical qualifications in India and also overseas. The no. of medical colleges had grown regularly during the years after Independence. It was thought that the terms of Indian Medical Council Act were not satisfactory to suffice with the difficulties posed by the very fast evolution. And also the progress of medical education in the country. As a conclusion, in 1956, the old Act was abolished and also a current one was acted. in 1964, 1993 and 2001 it was again revised.

An executive committee of MCI India involves:

MCI India

WHAT is the function of MCI India?

The chief functions of the MCI India are as follows:

  • Establishing and upholding of uniform standards for UG medical education.
  • Regulation of PG medical education in colleges authorized by it. (The National Board of Examinations is another legal body for PG education in India).
  • Acceptance of medical criteria admitted by medical institutions in India.
  • Recognition of foreign medical qualifications in India.
  • Accreditation of medical colleges.
  • Enrollment of doctors with acknowledged medical qualifications.
  • Holding a record of all registered doctors (called the Indian Medical Register).

state medical councils do Enrollment of doctors and also their qualifications

What are the objectives of MCI India?

The objectives of the Council are as follows:-

  1. Protection of uniform standards of medical education, both UG and also PG.
  2. Credentials for recognizing/de-recognizing of medical eligibilities of medical organizations of India or outside countries.
  3. Permanent enrollment/temporary enrollment of doctors with approved medical qualifications.
  4. Mutuality with international countries in the interest of common acceptance of medical qualifications.

What is MCI India Online?

MCI India Online” is the gateway to the MCI India for online processing of papers for enrollment (of medical qualifications) and also for licensed certificates.

WHAT is the latest news and also updates?
The Medical Council of India (MCI India) has time and again declared that it is mandatory for doctors to prescribe the generic names of medicines.

The article further declares that according to the present set of rules under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, the generic name should be written in a “more obvious manner” than the brand name

Updated: March 20, 2018, 9:54 PM

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