• Provides consultancy on courses available, fee structure, university, etc
  • Helps to choose a city and the university, according to desired field to study, interests and lifestyle preferences for studying in chosen Country


  • Helps to collect all the documents for admission and visa
  • Gets admission letter from the University (time required – about a week)
  • Helps with translation of documents for the embassy
  • Helps with legal approval of required documents
  • Supports with processing of required documents
  • Escorts student for all the medical check ups and helps to get fast all the required medical certificates
  • Supports with insurance (medical insurance, immigration insurance)
  • Appoints date for the interview at the embassy and trains student for successful passing of the interview

Preparations for Departure

  • Conducts training in India regarding legal, social issues in chosen Country
  • Provides students consultancy about financial issues in chosen Country, lifestyle, studying, etc
  • Helps in buying tickets
  • Meets at the airport before departure and ensure safe and comfortable departure from India