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In India, Generally top medical schools are referred as top medical colleges.Top Medical Schools fulfills the the dream of student aiming or planning their career in Medicine. Every year a total of 6-7 lakh medical student register themselves under different medical schools for different medical qualification. Around the world ,Top Medical Schools follow different criteria and have got their own structure either its institution or fee, teaching methodology,as well as different undergraduate, post graduate,diploma or nursing degree offered, last but not the least the standard entrance examination for each course vary from Top medical Schools to Schools.

What are Top Medical Schools ??                                                                                                                        Top Medical schools are educational institution that mostly students prefer to get into in order to study the field of medicine and get a professional degree of as physicians and surgeons.In India the main competition to get into Top Medical schools is mainly for  MBBS i.e bachelor of medicine and bachelor of science, other degrees for which these schools are preferred are Doctor of Medicine(MD) or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine(DO). Nowadays, Top Medical schools also offers degrees such as Doctor of philosophy, Master’s degree, a physician assistant program, or other post secondary education program. Most Top Medical Schools have  medical research program and run teaching hospital. Every Top medical school in India needs to be registered under Medical council of IndiaTop medical colleges in India registered with the same offers a bunch of degrees presently existing in medical field.

What is the procedure to get into Top Medical Schools?? 

It all depends on the student and the degree for which he/she is applying. For example for undergraduate program like MBBS ,one has to appear in the NEET exam or CBSE NEET conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and if he/she is applying for postgraduate program then he/she has to appear for NEET PG exam.

What is the eligibility requirements for Top Medical Schools??

It also depends on the student and the degree for which he/she is applying. For example for undergraduate program like MBBS ,one must have passed his class 12 examination from a recognized state board and satisfy the age requirement as well i.e. must be of 17 years or above. Also he must have studied Biology as a subject . Similarly for doing a Post graduation or MD one must needs to have a MBBS degree from any Top Medical School recognized by Medical council of India (MCI).

What are the different Top Medical Schools??

Here is the list of few top medical college Schools in India including both private and government :-Please visit here for top medical schools not mentioned in the list below.

Name of Medical Schools  
King George’s Medical University
Christian Medical College and Hospital
Maulana Azad Medical College
Lady Hardinge Medical College
University College of Medical Sciences
Grant Medical College
Armed Forces Medical College
Kasturba Medical College
Madras Medical College
Seth GS Medical College
Sri Ramachandra Medical College
Osmania Medical College
Institute of Medical Sciences
Bangalore Medical College
KJ Somaiya Medical College
Stanley Medical College
St. John’s Medical College

Mostly the race of getting into top medical Schools end up in India only, for a lot of medical aspirant planning their career in Medicine.Their is a long list of top medical schools in abroad that offer same degrees in medicine which have got the equal value as of one got from universities in India. Still a lot of student end up doing programs like BDS from colleges back in India or study normal subjects like zoology etc. from Delhi university.Some student drop the plan of doing MBBS from abroad because of financial issue or because to practice in India after completing their MBBS ,you have to appear for a FMGE exam. Here is a list top medical colleges in India and a lot of medical colleges in abroad like china, Philippines, and Georgia etc.

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