Which degree is best: MBBS or MD?

 Which degree is best: MBBS or MD?Which degree is best: MBBS or MD?

Since there are many students confused between MBBS degree & MD degree, we have bought this article Which degree is best: MBBS or MD?. Furthermore, this article not only aims at explaining the difference between the two but also the pros of MBBS & MD independently. 

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What do you think is MBBS vs MD?

Various positions demand various complete educational qualifications so that the individuals can be a qualified professional in the respective field. Not only engineering or other degrees, but the medical profession is also the one that requires professionals. MBBS & MD are two degrees that are the basic requirement for the medical professionals to be termed as or known as doctors. Apparently, there are many differences between MBBS & MD and both the degrees have their own uniqueness as well.

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What is MBBS?

MBBS is an undergraduate degree. The full form of MBBS is Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery. Once, the MBBS course is complete, an individual is entitled to practice either as a doctor or a physician. MBBS is the basic qualification for becoming a doctor. It lasts for at least four year & 6 months. During this course, the students learn various aspects of medicine & also gets trained in each and every branch of medicine. Thus, MBBS is a basic and a general degree required for the position of a doctor.

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What is MD?

Now, what is MD? MD is a Masters degree or a post-graduate level degree. It stands for Master of Medicine which is a specialization course after MBBS. It can be completed within two years. To attain this degree, a student is supposed to specialise in areas like Dentistry, Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Pediatrics, Opthalmology etc. An advanced practical training is given exclusively on the area of expertise chosen.

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Which degree is best: MBBS or MD?

MD & MBBS are medical degrees for a professional medical field. They are different from each other in many aspects. MBBS is considered as a basic & general undergraduate degree required for practising as a doctor or a physician. Whereas MD is a much-advanced degree. It’s a specialization course or a Masters degree. Students who wish to further specialise in this field, study MD.

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While MBBS takes 4 years and 6 months,  MD takes just 2 years. Furthermore, MBBS is again a general degree but each and every part of medicine will be covered in this course, whereas in MD is more focused in the specialization area. The second point differentiating is that MBBS is more a theoretical knowledge while MD is more of a practical experience. The only common point between the two courses is that there is a mandatory submission of a thesis on the completion of the course.

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So, in order to pursue MD, the candidate first needs to complete MBBS. Thus, MBBS is the basic requirement for entering into a medical profession or to enter into higher studies. Both have a uniqueness and is equally important.

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